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Arash Abdolmaleki

Iran University of Science and Technology

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Arash Abdolmaleki
Iran University of Science and Technology
Peripheral nerve regeneration, tissue engineering and Application of stem cell in regeneration


Iran, Tehran, Tehran

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April 01,2013
Journal Article
Tehran University Medical Journal

Teratogenic and cytotoxic effects of VOsalen complex on chicken embryos, hepatic and fibroblastic- cell cultures

October 24,1993
Conference Article

The relationship between recent earthquake activity of Azerbaijan in Tabriz North Fault

October 24,1992
Conference Article

Questionnaires, surveys and censuses stepping stone

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University of San Diego
Phd in artificial intelligence
5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110, USA
September 16,2008 to July 17,2012

University of Tehran
Bachelor Software Engineering
Iran, Tehran
September 22,2006 to June 19,2008

Sharif University of Technology
Master of Software Engineering
Iran, Tehran
September 22,2001 to June 20,2006



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